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Why ANMI Staffing

We can give you hundreds of reasons for using ANMI Hotel/EVS/Hospitality Staffing Services. But fortunately for you we will only give a few amazing reasons to utilize ANMI. We know that there is an enormous amount of frustration with the Staffing industry. It feels as if you get the same ole people, why?, well because it seems that people really don’t really want to work. 

At ANMI Staffing we don’t believe in that philosophy that people don’t want to work. The truth is that people really want to work and be a part of a team, they just don’t want to work for a staffing service, Hotel, Casino, Hospitality or EVS department that really cares about who they are and not just look at them as just another ‘temp” person or a number. 

We love to pursue those types of people that are looking for a CAREER. Those type of people are the ones that make life so enjoyable in a work situation. Career minded people add a special something at work. You know that they are not just looking to find the next job that meets some kind of hidden unfulfilled desire to have acceptance from the World. The Career minded ANMI Staffing individual cares about not only their own life, but they want to help make others they work with more successful.

Career minded, that is what we shoot for. Someone who will be at Your Hotel / Casino / or EVS department and make a lasting impact. These types of individuals are the ones that you want to spend time with outside of work. The ones that want to share in the excitement of life and be family with their co-workers. 


All We know is CLEAN ! !

The owner of ANMI Hotel Housekeeping Staffing / ANMI Hospitality Staffing / ANMI EVS Staffing knows only one thing. That is how to clean. Kevin Thomas, our owner, has been in the cleaning business for over 33 years. He has trained thousands of cleaning staff on not only how to clean, but how to interact with the public and the importance of cleaning not only to the medical and hotel/hospitality industry but all types of industrial and office facilities. 

We understand the chemistry and technology in cleaning. ANMI Staffing can also offer expertise in specialty cleaning such as floor care and carpet cleaning. In these areas our team can also come into your facility and teach your teams about carpet cleaning and the proper ways to care for hard surfaces. Please feel free to give us a call at any time at 918-250-9898 and we will be glad to assist you with any cleaning questions that you might have. 


Who We Look For

ANMI Hotel/EVS/Hospitality Staffing leadership team looks for individuals that you would hire for your own facility. Appearance does matter, so we look at the first impressions of those that come into our office to apply. We pay attention if they sit up in their chair and have good posture. One of the main focuses that ANMI Staffing shoots for is that of a GREAT ATTITUDE. It is very important in any industry, especially in the Hotel/EVS/Hospitality Industry to hire for attitude and train for skill. One aspect of hiring is that attitude comes natural, usually a great attitude comes with the territory, it rarely leaves. The training part is actually the easy portion of the hiring. Most people can be trained to perform most jobs. We will hire the great ones and we will allow you to hire and train them to fit your facilities personality and culture. 


Do Housekeepers Really Matter?

We like to look at hiring in this manner. If the General Manager, or the CEO of a big hotel chain whether it be Local, National, or Global does not show up for work on Monday…..does anyone really notice? However, if the Housekeeping staff does not show up for work on Monday, the entire hotel, casino or facility will literally shut down. The Housekeeping team is one of the most overlooked and underappreciated teams in the Cleaning industry. 


All Positions that ANMI Specializes for YOU!

  1. Housekeepers
  2. Houseman
  3. Laundry Attendants
  4. Day Porters – Lobby
  5. Front Desk Attendants
  6. Hospitality
  7. EVS – Casinos
  8. EVS – Nursing Homes
  9. EVS – Hospitals / Medical
  10.  Specialty Cleaning Staff

(can all of the above be clickable to the description page on this same site)

EVS/Hospitality/Housekeeping departments struggle in hiring the very best employees for their facilities. ANMI staffing will help you cut through all the red tape. There is nothing more frustrating than interviewing a top candidate thinking that we have a winner, and then they never show up or only turn out to be a C team player. 

ANMI Staffing provides a way out of the hassle of knowing if you are hiring the right person for your position. If one of our team does not meet up to your expectations, you can simply call us and we can have the person removed for you. There will be no red tape, no hassles with following pages and pages of internal documents and dealing with HR regulations that can be very difficult to follow. We will take care of all of that for you. 

Give ANMI Staffing a call today and let us help you be more successful than yesterday.

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