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EVS Staffing


Anmi Staffing Services has been serving the EVS staffing Tulsa market for over 15 years. We take pride in making sure that our EVS staff understands the importance of keeping facilities clean. The Anmi Staffing team works very hard to find, train, and send out the very best personnel for EVS Staffing Tulsa. Since Anmi has been serving the staffing industry for so long, and we also have been cleaning commercial buildings for over 30 years. There is not one staffing company in Oklahoma that has the experience and focus on hiring cleaning/housekeeping and EVS staffing more than Anmi Staffing.


Why EVS staffing is so important.

Having the proper EVS cleaning team at your facility is critical to the success of any facility’s appearance, general first impression and the safety, health, and sanitary conditions of the facility. It has been said that when the CEO is gone, that no one really notices that much. However, when the cleaning EVS team is missing or doesn’t do their job correctly, then everyone notices, and everyone complains. The EVS Staffing Tulsa team is so critical to the success of your building, your business, your casino, your hospital, your nursing home that the essential success of your business is dependent on the EVS cleaning team. 


Training the EVS team

Training of the EVS Staffing Tulsa team is the most professional and important thing that you can do to insure that the building, facility, casino or cleaning area is cleaned properly.  The ANMI EVS staffing Tulsa team can take some responsibility for training your EVS team, as well as training our EVS team that will be staffing your facility. ANMI currently uses and recommends the Spartan Chemical Company system of cleaning supplies and chemicals.  We really do recommend the Clean On the Go system. This system allows proper dilution of the chemicals to work at maximum effectiveness for the EVS staffing team. We recommend having the following chemicals in your cleaning regiment. We recommend a glass and surface cleaner. This glass and surface cleaner will clean countertops, glass mirrors, and entrance glass doors. The glass and surface cleaner is one of the best chemicals to have in your arsenal of cleaning chemicals. We also recommend a bathroom disinfectant cleaner. We highly recommend the NABC restroom cleaner that is produced by the Spartan Chemical Company. Spartan Chemical company is in the heart of America. They are in the state of Indiana. The 3rd chemical that the ANMI EVS staffing Tulsa team recommends is a mild acid. Mild acids are good for working on hard water stains. We recommend that the mild acid be used inside of toilets, and on water fountains. One thing that is important when using the mild acid cleaner on water fountains is that the water fountains must be rinsed when using the mild acid cleaner. 

The EVS staffing Tulsa team is often overlooked and the public and many times the higher executives of the facility do not appreciate how important the EVS cleaning staff is to the overall facility. Usually EVS staff work in active buildings where the public is in the building or interacting with the customer and the EVS staff. It’s important for the higher executives to know that the contact that the EVS Staffing Tulsa team knows how to interact properly with the public. We teach and train our EVS Staffing team to work with the public. We teach them how to listen first and then speak second.  Usually when the public has a complaint they will talk to the first person that is available, and the EVS staffing Tulsa team is usually in the foreground and present around most of the customers and clients. This is the reason that the importance of the EVS staffing team is so important. We like to call it first impressions. When the EVS team is in a Casino, you can get very excited people when they are winning, or you can frustrate people when they lose. When they have questions about where to go to redeem tickets for money or where the restroom might be, the EVS Staffing team needs to be ready to move forward and give them the correct answer. 

Also, the EVS Staffing Tulsa team can give directions to meet with a higher up person or a night or day manager if the questions cannot be answered by the EVS team. 

Overall, the EVS Staffing team is one of the most critical teams in the entire facility. In hospitals, for instance, they can help patients find certain areas or Nurses, or even where to go to pay their hospital bill. Since the EVS team basically knows the entire hospital or medical location, they can give directions to patients when they need to find their way out of the hospital and to their car when they are leaving the hospital. Sometimes the EVS team can also be good listeners to patients and family when they are struggling to figure out their healthcare needs. Sometimes just a good ear can comfort someone when they are going through troubles.

The EVS team is by far in ANMI Staffing opinion one of the most, if not the most important parts of the overall team in a casino, hospital, nursing home, large facility, manufacturing site or other office type building. 

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