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Hotel Staffing Tulsa Skyline

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Anmi Staffing Services is proud to say that we have been serving Tulsa and Oklahoma City with their Hotel, Hospitality, EVS staffing for over 20 years. ANMI Staffing Tulsa started serving a large hotel in the Tulsa area, and twenty years later we are still serving that same hotel, and it has been a great relationship. We have seen several Housekeeping Executive Managers throughout the entire tenure at this Hotel. It has been our pleasure to continue to work with the hotel, and sort of “train” the new Executive Housekeeping Manager into the ins and outs of the hotel industry and how to work with their new team. 

ANMI Hospitality staffing partners with leading hotels in Tulsa and in Oklahoma City. We are always looking to retain and build hardworking teams, and keep the high quality workers very busy so that our clients will be pleased not only with our Amazing service as a company but also give our staffing team the ultimate opportunity to get a full time job with our clients. The AMNI Hospitality services and teams are very flexible and can and will be tailored to work with each  individual property. The ANMI Hospitality

The ANMI Staffing Team takes great pride in placing individuals that are service-minded and we make sure they are motivated employees. We make sure we place them in a positive work environment. The ANMI Hospitality Team is currently looking for the following descriptions:

  1. Hotel Housekeepers – These individuals are responsible for the overall cleanliness of the entire hotel. They focus mainly on the hotel rooms and making sure they are clean and sanitary for the next guest. The Hotel Housekeepers clean the bathrooms, the counters, vacuum the carpets, and make the doors and mirrors spotless from handprints. Also, making sure that the bed has new sheets and blankets.
  2. Houseman – The Houseman position is mainly responsible for getting the heavier items and returning them to their proper position. The Houseman will take the dirty towels and dirty linens from the room and take them to the laundry room. The Houseman will also take dirty dishes, and other items such as trash. The Houseman and the housekeepers communicate daily to ensure quality and clean room.
  3. Laundry Attendants – The Laundry Attendants are responsible for making sure that the towels and linens are cleaned in a proper way so that the housekeepers can put them on the beds and in the bathrooms. The Laundry Attendants are responsible also for folding the sheets and towels as well. Usually the hotel facility will have a special machine that will fold the sheets, making it easier to store them on site. 
  4. Hospitality Servers – The ANMI Hospitality Staffing team also provides servers for social functions such as conventions, large parties, weddings, and big events, usually held within the hotel itself. The hospitality servers will be responsible for serving the food, bringing the drinks to the table. Typically, the bartender will be responsible for delivering and making the adult alcoholic drinks for the event. The Hospitality Staffing team will also be responsible for cleaning up the event. They will work with the maintenance team to ensure that the tables and chairs arrive at the proper destination after the event has been completed.
  5. Lobby Day Porters – Having a nice and shiny lobby is very important for first impressions of a Hotel. The Lobby Day Porters are responsible for keeping the lobby entrance glass door clean, the lobby restrooms clean, and for making sure trash outside the front door is picked up and disposed of properly. When the weather is icy the Lobby Day Porters will apply the ice Melt to the sidewalks to make it a safe environment for the guests of the hotel or facility. The Lobby Day Porter will also be responsible for cleaning up the ice melt once it comes inside the building. The Ice Melt has been known to give slight damage to flooring so the Hotel must be careful on any Marble or Granite floor. 
  6. Front Desk attendants – ANMI Hospitality Staffing also offers the position of Front Desk Attendant for many hotels. Again, the first impression is very important. The whole check in process can be a winning situation or it can be a real downer for the new guest if the immediate impression of the hotel is not good, or if the hotel does not have the room ready.
  7. Dishwashers – This can be one of the most difficult jobs in the hotel industry. Washing dishes for a shift can be a hot and exhausting position. Dishwashers are very valuable as they keep the clean dishes ready and available for any type of event that is going on.

The ANMI Hospitality team enhances the client’s ability to relate and have a positive guest experience for all visiting their facility. All our Hospitality Staffing Tulsa team members are thoroughly screened and are highly professional. They are knowledgeable of their position and understand that customer service and first impressions are so important in the Hospitality industry. At ANMI Hospitality Staffing we make sure that the lines of communication are always open. Those communication lines are always between you as our client, and the staffing team that we provide for you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions that you might have. 

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