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Why Hospitality/Housekeeping is SO Awesome:


Travel is the new thing for today’s market, and people and businessmen are traveling all over the country and all over the world, which opens a fun and exciting opportunity for Hospitality and Housekeeping job opportunities. It’s also great that most hotels are in great places so that access for employees that may not have a car can access their job through public transportation, which is an amazing way to meet fun and exciting people.


Advancement, Advancement, Advancement

No one wants to start a new job and knows that there is no way that I will be able to advance in my career with my current employer. Knowing that advancing employment opportunities are just available around the corner. The Awesome thing about Hospitality and Housekeeping opportunities is that the management team can be transitory. What this means for you is that new opportunities in supervision and management can open very quickly. It is quite common with ANMI Hospitality Staffing and ANMI Hotel Staffing that many of our new hires have an immediate opportunity to move in supervision and even inspection. These inspectors check all areas of the hotel, and sometimes even report to the Assistant General Manager and the General Manager of the Hotel. With advancements such as this you will also be receiving higher pay and even full-time benefits that go along with a supervising job or management job. 


Go Team – Go Team – Go Team

In the Hotel and Hospitality industry there is this comradery that is present unlike many industries. There is nothing better than being part of a winning team. The ANMI Hospitality Staffing and ANMI Housekeeping staffing love to encourage the team. Going to a job that you love and having amazing co-workers is one of the best feelings in the world. At the ANMI office, we truly believe that it is much better to be Awesome rather than Average. We encourage positivity amongst all the Hospitality Staffing and Housekeeping Staffing new hires. Encourage each other to hang in there when you are having a tough day. Hang in there……It will get better. Knowing that you could get recognized or a large financial bonus for doing a great job. ANMI staffing also recognizes our team members with an employee of the month opportunity each month. 


Go See the World……. Let’s Go

The day will come for you to have opportunities to move to other cities within the Hospitality Staffing and Housekeeping Staffing Industry. The ANMI Staffing team will encourage you to develop your skills to become a top-flite employee. You could have a goal to work at a Resort possibly in another state of even in another county. This is where the excitement comes in. How would you like to be working in a Housekeeping Position or a Hospitality position and be able to look at the ocean and beautiful beaches every day as the back drop. If this doesn’t get you excited, well it sure does with our ANMI Staffing team. 


Life Balance is Important

In this season of employment, Hospitality and Housekeeping jobs are in high demand. Because the ANMI Staffing Hospitality, and ANMI Staffing Housekeeping teams sometimes are required to work weekends, evenings, and at times overnights. The great thing about working in the Hospitality and Housekeeping industry is that once you have a lot of experience and have earned your stripes, that is when the rewards of choosing your own schedule and the opportunity to supervise others. Having a balance between work and your time off is so critical to the Hospitality and Housekeeping Staffing team. It is important to make sure that when you are off work, that you really are off work. The advantages of moving up in the Housekeeping Staffing and Hospitality Staffing industry is the opportunity to travel, developing a whole new set of personal relationships within the industry. 


Having National Recognition

One of the major advantages of working with ANMI Hospitality Staffing Tulsa, and ANMI Hotel Housekeeping Staffing Tulsa, is the opportunity to work with and for a National Brand. Some of the National Brands that ANMI Hospitality and ANMI Hotel Staffing have worked for include Hyatt, National Recognized Casino Hotels, Aloft Hotels, amongst others. When you have the opportunity to work with nationwide, and sometimes worldwide hotels is the employment opportunity to travel all over the United States and even around the world. In the Housekeeping Staffing Tulsa, and Hospitality Staffing Tulsa business. We would love to share with our prospective staffing individuals these fun and fantastic opportunities. Being able to work in a lavish Hotel in a beach city someday where you can look at the sunset each day and watch the sunrise every morning would be a terrific benefit or working for a national or a global Hotel. 


Raising the Standard

The ANMI Staffing approach is to always be shooting higher, raising the standard and shoot for absolutely world class teams. The Hotel, Housekeeping and Hospitality Industry has an almost limitless opportunity for a hard worker to advance and being a star for a local hotel chain or even for a nationwide or worldwide hotel conglomerate.

ANMI Staffing shoots to raise that standard by providing individuals that are hardworking, have strong integrity, and are willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. To work the extra hours that are needed to succeed, and to smile and greet a guest even when you are tired, and really don’t want to.  Those are the types of individuals that ANMI strives to hire and strives to have success in their career. 

Available Positions


Hotel Administration

  • Front Desk/ Night Audit 
  • Executive Manager 


Housekeeping department

  • Housekeeping/Room Attendant 
  • Houseman/Houseperson
  • Laundry Attendant 


Kitchen Staff

  • Chefs / Sou Chef 
  • Cook
  • Line Cooks 
  • Prep Cooks 
  • Dishwasher
  • Breakfast Attendant



  • EVS
  • Pool Attendants 



  • Banquet staff 
  • Servers
  • Bartenders


Front Desk Responsibility: 

The hotel front desk is the hub of the hotel! You will be greeting guests in a friendly and welcoming manner. As a front desk agent, you will also be checking in and out guests, answering any questions, handling reservations, handling all calls, and ensuring they are transferred to the correct person. A front desk agent will also be handling all payments and providing information about the hotel and local areas. They’re the friendly face that ensures all guests have an easy and fun stay! 


Night Audit Responsibility: 

The Night Auditor is the behind-the-scenes Superhero! They handle the aspects of the hotel such as generating reports of days check in, check out, no shows, and cancelations. They also assist with any guest inquiries and ensure a smooth transition from the night to day team and resolve room statues. 


Executive Manager: 

The Executive housekeeper is the captain of the housekeeping crew! As an executive housekeeper you will oversee the housekeeping department and operations, manage all staff, ensure all rooms are clean and guests ready, ensure all staff is trained. The executive housekeeper will also coordinate schedules, split rooms equally for all staff, handle the laundry department and make sure all supplies and equipment are fully stocked. It’s a busy role that requires strong leadership and organization. They will play a key role in maintaining high clean standards and guest satisfaction. 


Housekeeper/Room Attendant: 

The hotel housekeeper is the backbone of the hotel! As a housekeeper you will be vacuuming, mopping, making the beds, disinfecting, cleaning the bathroom and ensure all rooms are cleaned and guest ready! You will also be given a list of rooms and have only a certain amount of time to flip each room. Housekeepers are also responsible for replenishing supplies and ensure each guest has a comfortable stay! 



The houseperson is the super side kick of the housekeeping department. As a house person you are responsible for various tasks such as stripping all rooms, delivering supplies to the guest room, removing trash, and assisting the housekeepers with cleaning duties. The houseman ensure a smooth operation and a pleasant stay for the guests! 


Laundry Attendant: 

The Laundry attendant is responsible for washing, drying, folding, and organizing towels, linens, sheets, and other laundry items. They may also handle guest requests and ensure all laundry equipment is properly maintained. The Laundry attendant helps the laundry department run smoothly and ensures all guests’ laundry items are fresh and cleaned! From stains to sparkle, our laundry attendants work their magic to make your laundry items feel fantastic! 



The Chefs are the culinary wizards! A Chef will create delicious menus and food. They will prepare and supervise the kitchen staff, ensure all food safety, and maintain high quality standards. Although these positions can be quite hectic and busy it’s also very exciting! As a Chef you will be working closely with the kitchen staff, providing guidance, and ensuring food quality. You will also be working with other departments to ensure a smooth operation. It’s a fast pace and creative role that requires skill, organization, and a passion for culinary excellence! 



As a culinary cook you will be responsible for preparing and cooking meals. The cook will follow the recipes and ensure all food is tasty and safe by also maintaining cleanliness in the kitchen and following hygiene standards! It’s a role that requires culinary skills, attention to detail, and ability to work in a fast-paced environment. 


Line Cook: 

The line cook is an important essential member of the kitchen team! They will work In a specific station, such as grill or sauté station and are responsible for cooking and preparing the meals according to the chefs guide. As a line cook you will be preparing the ingredients, plating dishes, and maintain a clean workstation. This role is a fast-paced role that requires passion for culinary and the ability to work under pressure. 


Prep Cook: 

The prep cook is a crucial puzzle piece to the kitchen team. As a prep cook you will focus on prepping the ingredients and setting up the kitchen for a successful service. The job role includes washing, chopping vegetables, marinating the meat as well as slicing it, and organizing all kitchen supplies. The prep cook will ensure everything is ready for the line cooks to create delicious dishes. 



The dishwasher is an important key to the kitchen team. They are responsible for cleaning and sanitizing all kitchen dishes, utensils, and all other equipment. They will load and unload the dishwasher and ensure all dishes are clean and sparkly! This role is an important part of helping the kitchen run smoothly and ensure a clean and hygienic environment.


Breakfast Attendant: 

The breakfast attendant oversees setting up the breakfast area as well as maintaining it.  The breakfast attendant will ensure the buffet is well stocked with food and beverages for all guests. Other responsibilities may include sanitizing tables and breakfast area, ensuring a clean environment for all guests. Its like being the breakfast hero for all guests! 



EVS stands for “Environmental Services”. As an EVS attendant, you will be responsible for maintaining cleanliness and sanitation throughout the facilities. Some other job duties may include wiping equipment down, cleaning restrooms and ensuring facilities are stocked with supplies. The EVS attendant may clean areas such as guest rooms, public areas, and other spaces. They may also assist with special cleaning projects as needed. The EVS attendant plays a vital role in creating a clean and comfortable environment for guests to ensure a great stay or visit. 


Pool Attendants: 

The pool attendant oversees creating a fun but safe environment for guests to enjoy their pool time. As a pool attendant you will ensure the safety of guests by keeping the pool area clean and up to safety standards. This will include taking out trash, picking up trash, cleaning bathrooms, lifting pool chairs, ensuring towels are stocked, and stocking the waters. 


Banquet Staff: 

As a banquet staff member, you will be helping assist in setting up. This includes setting up tables, chairs, and decorations for the events. During the event you will be assisting in serving food and beverages at an event. A banquet staff member will replenish supplies and assist guests. After the event the banquet staff members will help clean up the venue and place everything back. 



A server plays a critical role in creating a memorable dining experience. As a server you will be responsible for greeting guests, taking food and drink orders from guests, delivering them accurately, and providing excellent customer service. They also ensure all tables are set up properly and maintain a clean and organized dining area. It’s all about top notch services and making guests feel welcomed and satisfied. 


A bartender is like a mixology magician. They create and serve delicious drinks and cocktails, interact with guest, and maintain a lively energetic energy and atmosphere at the bar. A bartender is skilled in making various drinks, handling cash transactions, and ensuring all guests have a great time! Cheers to that! 

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