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Anmi staffing has been serving the hotel casino staffing arena for over 15 years. Anmi has developed strong relationships with most of the large casinos and large hotels in the Tulsa area. 



The Anmi staffing team is always seeking responsible, accountable, and trained Hotel housekeepers, Laundry specialists, Porters for lobbies and specialty cleaning, Housemen to help with housekeeping duties, as well as kitchen help, and other areas within the Hotel. The first step with any Anmi applicant is to come into our office for a personal interview.  Our staffing specialists interview each candidate personally and “get to know” each one. This personal touch is what sets us apart from the other staffing agencies. We go with our instincts to make sure that each applicant will represent your hotel in a professional manner. We understand that first impressions are very important in the Hotel industry. We want our staffing team from Anmi to give your guests a fantastic experience. Our goal is to have all our candidates for work to have optimal experience.

Having the proper staff in the best roles matters when dealing with Hotel Casino Staffing Tulsa. We believe that hiring the correct Houseman for any hotel is critical. Typically, in Hotel Casino Staffing Tulsa the houseman are generally men. The houseman position is responsible for all of the heavy lifting jobs in the hotel itself. This means lifting large bags of trash, taking care of heavy loads of towels, and heavy loads of sheets. The Houseman will usually assist the laundry department when lifting the heavy loads into the commercial laundry equipment systems. Ensuring that the laundry is washed and dried properly is a key function to Hotel Casino Staffing. 

The Anmi staffing team has interviewed thousands of potential housekeepers to work at our clients’ locations. As most people know, the cleanliness of the rooms is key to success in the hotel and casino staffing industry. Getting those awesome first impressions is very important to hotels and casinos. The first impressions are so important that some casinos are known to put a special fragrance in the air to give the guest a more pleasant experience. 

Utilization of a Day Porter for Hotel Casino Staffing Tulsa is a very wise decision for a Housekeeping Manager to have in their portfolio of hires. The Day Porter, especially for large hotels and casinos, can keep that first impression at the forefront of guests mind for the entire day. Also, for Casinos that are open 24 hours a day can keep the lobby. Day Porter can keep the entrance glass doors clean and free from debris and fingerprints. Also, the Day Porter can wipe down all counters, and window ledges. Also, in the lobbies with a quiet vacuum can continually spot vacuum the carpeted areas. This is especially important when there are events, seminars and conventions going on in the Hotel Casino Staffing Tulsa location. 

Having an efficient Laundry attendant is also crucial to success in the flow of the Hotel Casino Staffing Tulsa industry. Each day after guests have used towels, pillows cases and sheets, all of this linen comes down from the Houseman, and sometimes comes down a big chute in the middle of the Hotel and goes into an area near the washers and dryers. The Laundry attendant then must sort the towels, pillow cases, sheets and other linen into separate piles. Many Hotel laundry departments will use some sort of bleach product when they are cleaning the pillow cases, sheets and towels. Most of the time these items are white, and the bleach will not damage the coloring of the items. The bleach product used, or sometimes the laundry department will use a hydrogen peroxide product to clean the items. The Hydrogen Peroxide product is normally less harsh, better cleaning, and does contain some bleaching properties, but does not contain as many bleaching properties as the 5% bleach solution. 

Hotel Casino Staffing Tulsa also needs to be able to vet the possible candidates to ensure that their personalities will fit well with a Hotel Casino atmosphere. We discussed with each of our staffing candidates that they are not allowed to gamble at the casino. Not only can they not gamble while they are at work, but most casinos do not allow employees or contractors to gamble at the casino even when they are not working. This helps keep the perception of any type of cheating or other shenanigans that might happen. The goal of the Hotel Casino Staffing Tulsa team is to make the guest have a pleasant and fun experience. When the Hotel or Casino is clean, this makes the experience even greater. 

The ANMI staffing team is excited to work with several casinos in the near future is to work with other casinos in Oklahoma. We would like to work with casinos that are located in the Oklahoma City area. The ANMI staffing team would also like to work with Casinos in the Northeastern section of Oklahoma. Since we have over30 years of ownership experience, we feel there is not a cleaning issues that we cannot address within the Hotel and Casino staffing area. 

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