Hospitality Staffing

Hospitality Staffing


AN-MI is a leading hospitality staffing source for Tulsa and all of Northeast Oklahoma. We provide hotels, casinos, and other hospitality industries with quality temporary and long-term staffing for a wide variety of positions.

We understand the best process for providing your hospitality business with a valuable and quality workforce. First, we strive to hire the right people. Our administrative team works hard to attract the best employees, conduct thorough interviews and background checks, provide quality and effective training, and provide hands on management. We look for hard working and engaged talent and place them in an environment that will provide their best path to success.  Our management team exists to support and equip our employees and also create a meaningful relationship with the hospitality representatives we serve.

AN-MI was established in 2002 and has been a trusted presence for our clients in the Tulsa metropolitan community we serve. Presently, AN-MI serves over seventy clients throughout the Tulsa metropolitan and Northeastern Oklahoma area.

We utilize the most up-to-date resources to attract and discover staffing talent. In addition, we develop relationships with individuals and local hospitality groups to connect our people with hospitality opportunities in our area. This strategy results in a significant pool of talent for your hospitality needs, as well as, enjoying a lower turnover rate. AN-MI staffing also offers competitive pay rates combined with paid training. We look for hardworking and engaged talent and place them in an environment that will provide their best path to success.

We leverage the latest technology as well as time-tested grass-roots methods to discover and create a pool of talent from the Tulsa metro area.  Recruiting hotel housekeepers with experience, training and all the qualifications you need isn’t an easy task, but our team exists to take up that challenge so you do not have to. 

At AN-MI we know that quality employees are critical to a well-run business. We work with hotels, resorts, casinos, and other hospitality venues to determine the qualifications and experience necessary and recruit accordingly to meet those needs.  We have found that employees that are initiative-taking, team-players and have a high attention to detail are ideal candidates for housekeeping teams. We specialize in finding these employees and connecting them with you and your business. 

AN-MI proudly partners with leading hotels, casinos, and other hospitality settings. Our staffing team can meet needs in a variety of hospitality positions including:

  • Day Porters
  • Custodians
  • Housekeepers
  • Concierge

We provide staff for a wide variety of positions. We work with hotels, casinos, resorts, events spaces, and other hospitality industries with the support staff they need to succeed in business. For many in the hospitality business, the biggest challenge is in finding and retaining a dependable workforce. AN-MI works with clients to identify staffing needs, recruit staff, and employ that staff for a reliable employee workforce.

AN-MI is dedicated to connecting great talent with great opportunities. We work hard to create a work environment that is built on mutual respect, trust and integrity. We realize that each of our staff members come from a variety of backgrounds and have their own unique stories. We not only appreciate and value that uniqueness but believe that is what makes our staff special and why so many hotels and casinos prefer to work with us and also why so many individuals desire be part of the AN-MI team!  

At AN-MI, we improve how hotels, casinos, and all hospitality organizations operate by offering a focused customized strategy with hardworking and dedicated team minimizing the challenges and potential headaches of recruiting. We understand the ever-changing needs of the hospitality industry and believe there is a more effective way to staff your hospitality business to ensure a successful and trustworthy team.

One of the things that sets AN-MI apart in the hospitality industry is our commitment to Godly values. We strive to focus on these areas:

  • WE PUT GOD FIRST – We believe in whole person encouragement to both our employees and customers. We believe that cleaning is just our job and not our life. We encourage our employees to be involved with their families and get involved in a local Bible believing church.
  • WE LOVE PEOPLE – We nurture and empower employees and staff by focusing on personal development and personal growth. We are a giving company. A portion of our profits are given to those in need. AN-MI ownership donates funds monthly to churches and missions all over the world. These locations include, Cambodia, China, South America as well as missions in the United States and right here in the Tulsa metropolitan area.
  • COMMITMENT TO QUALITY – We aspire to meet or exceed every client’s quality standards and expectations and have the same aspirations for ourselves.
  • TEAM-FOCUS – We believe there is power in teamwork and that all important things are accomplished by teams. To accomplish this, we work to have every person collaborating and contributing to the success of the whole, and we support each other to achieve our collective goals.
  • SAFETY – We emphasize and create safe and healthy work environments that prioritize our teams and your business’ safety. We are committed to safety training, communication, and follow-up.
  • RESPONSIVE – We believe that open communication, prompt follow-up, and quick responses to challenges are the foundation of superior service. Our managers are trained and expected to create a relationship with all our clients based on this value.
  • INNOVATIVE – We strive for continuous improvement across every market and at every level of the organization. With this mind, we are constantly exploring new technologies, new techniques, new chemicals, and new equipment to always be on the cutting edge of our industry.

Why partner with AN-MI? Our ultimate goal at AN-MI is to make better people. When we help people be the best they can be, they clean better, sweep better, mop better, and in the end everyone in the circle wins – including your business!

We will be honored to partner with your business to provide all your hospitality service needs!

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