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We are the Hospitality & Housekeeping experts! We only staff companies in this industry and not welders and brick layers. We have a background in cleaning and can assist your team with the knowledge and experience to keep your facility SHINING!

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“Great service, willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. It’s not just a temp service, they provide high-quality Janitorial staff with the goal of your company hiring those staff members. They’ve been wonderful to work with and I’d trust them with any cleaning related work!”

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We are more than just a staffing agency. AN-MI Staffing is a career building staffing agency that specializes in the hotel and hospitality industry. Since 2006 AN-MI Staffing has partnered up with many hotels, nursing homes, hospitals, casinos, and other hospitality facilities. AN-MI has had the privilege of providing top notch staffing and janitorial solutions for all hotels, casinos, & hospitality facilities, making us your ONE-STOP-SOLUTION.

At AN-MI staffing, we pride ourselves on our personalized approach and deep understanding of the hotel and hospitality industry. With our exceptional service, extensive network, and commitment to finding the perfect match, we go above and beyond to exceed your expectations.

Our extensive network at AN-MI Staffing is built on years of strong relationships in the hotel, casino, & hospitality industry. We have a wide range of connections with top notch professionals such as Tulsa Tech and OSU hospitality. Including experienced hotel staff, talented chefs, skilled banquet staff, and more. This network helps us effectively match the right candidate with the right positions, ensuring that you receive the best talent for your team. With AN-MI Staffing you can tap into our vast network and access a pool of highly qualified individuals, ready to contribute to your hotel and hospitality needs.


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