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ANMI services has been serving the Tulsa community for Hotel Jobs Tulsa for over 15 years. We are proud to provide staffing for several of the Tulsa area hotels. Our team works very hard to get people for the hotels in the Tulsa area. The main types of jobs we are looking for is in the Housekeeping section of the hotel industry. Housekeeping in Hotel Jobs Tulsa is such a critical part of the success of hotels and motels throughout Tulsa and the entire state of Oklahoma. Housekeepers are responsible for setting up their carts with the proper cleaning supplies to properly clean the rooms. On their carts they have glass cleaners for the windows and door glass. The housekeepers also have a disinfectant cleaner which works very well in the restrooms. The disinfectant cleaner in Hotel Jobs Tulsa kills bacteria or possible virus that was left behind from a previous guest that used the room at this hotel.

The Housekeeper also has a furniture polish on the cart to help with polishing and shining all the wood that is in the room. It is very important that the wood is clean and shiny so that this will give the next guest the impression that the hotel care about them and wants to ensure a very good guest experience by having a clean and sanitary hotel room for the guest.

The housekeeper also needs to have other equipment that is very important to cleaning the rooms in Hotel Jobs Tulsa. She or He will need to have a very good lambswool duster. The lambswool duster is very important because it does not push the dust onto the flooring or the carpet, rather it picks up the dust with a special electrostatic process and keeps the dust on the lambswool duster to be disposed of at the end of the housekeeper’s shift.

Having a very good quality vacuum cleaner for Hotel Jobs Tulsa is a very important thing. The team at ANMI hotel and hospitality staffing understands the importance of this need to have a vacuum that works well each day. A vacuum for a hotel setting needs to have a strong enough motor to be able to pick up debris left from guest traffic, and still be able to pick up small pebbles that might have fallen off shoes from outside walking. One good brand of vacuum for the housekeeping staff and is recommended by the Hotel Association is the Oreck standard vacuum. The Oreck vacuum has very good suction and is able to pick up debris that is left by people in the hotel. One of the most amazing aspects of the Oreck vacuum in Hotel Jobs Tulsa, is that the vacuum is so light. The Oreck standard vacuum only weighs eight pounds. Because most housekeepers are women, this light vacuum works well to carry around and makes it easier to vacuum large areas without the housekeeping team and the housekeeping supervisor getting so tired when cleaning the rooms.

Another very popular brand for vacuuming hotels is the Sanitaire vacuum. The Sanitaire vacuum is very popular in the Commercial Cleaning industry throughout the United States. The advantage that the Sanitaire, made by Eureka, has, is that all parts in the Sanitaire vacuum are made from very sturdy Lexan plastic as well as very strong steel. Lexan is the same type of plastic that the NFL makes football helmets out of. The Sanitaire vacuum in Tulsa Hotel Jobs also has very good wheels which allow easy transport from room to room for the housekeeping staff, the housekeeping supervisor, and the housekeeping director of operations.

The Sanitaire vacuum also offers a 50-foot power cord. The long power cord allows the housekeeping staff in Hotels and in Motels to vacuum not only the room but also the hallways. This 50-foot cord is also helpful when vacuuming lobby areas, and in stairwells where there is a higher use or rugs. So having a very sturdy vacuum such as a sanitaire or an Oreck is a great idea in Tulsa Hotel Jobs to help the housekeeping team of the hotel or motel to be very efficient and effective in their job. Because, when the housekeeping team is efficient, it allows the hotel to keep their customers very happy. Happy guests in Tulsa Hotel Jobs will post good reviews on Google which in turn will bring more business for the Hotel.  

Along with all the equipment that the housekeeping staff must use in the cleaning of the rooms, each individual housekeeper must make sure that they also have the right restroom supplies for the restrooms inside each of the rooms. The hotel housekeeper must fill the hand soap for the sink, as well as the liquid hand soap in the shower. It is also important to make sure that all the towels are clean and folded and in the proper place. Having clean towels is of utmost importance in Hotel Jobs Tulsa.

AN-MI hotel and hospitality staffing is here to support all the staffing needs for Hotel Tulsa Jobs. Also, the staff at AN-MI have an enormous amount of knowledge and experience in dealing with employment issues and cleaning knowledge to help hotels in their housekeeping duties.        

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