Hotel Jobs Tulsa is the place for you! AN-MIHas a wide variety of different jobs that you can apply to as well as recruit people to staff A a team. from housekeeping to hospitality to two food and beverage as well as servers and most importantly of all Assisted Living / nursing facilities. Our hotel and casino Staffing will leave you wondering why you didn’t come through us in the first place. AN-MI There’s always thinking of hiring responsible, accountable and trained people for housekeepers, laundry specialists, Porter’s for lobbies and Specialty cleaning. We also assist in carpet cleaning as well as hard cleaning. Our staffing agency specializes in interviews and we interview each candidate personally and get to know each one on a personal level. This is what from other staffing agencies. We make sure each applicant that will represent your business will represent in a professional manner. First impressions are everything and they are very important when it comes to the hotel industry. our staffing team from AN-MI Once gave your gas the best, memorable, must fantastic experience that no one has ever had before.

ensuring that our Stuff play a role of being a role model when dealing with hotel casino staffings in tulsa. in hotel casino Staffing the house men are generally men in their position is responsible for all the heavy lifting jobs in the hotel the house man usually assist in the laundry Department as well as lifting heavy loads into the commercial laundry equipment system. making sure laundry is washed and dried properly and that is the key function to the hotel casino staffing.

Our Hotel Jobs Tulsa At AN-MI interview thousands of housekeepers to work at our clients homes. cleaning her room is Keith’s success in the hotel in the casino. Great first impressions are very important, they are so important that some places are known to put a special smell in the air to give the guests a more pleasant and memorable experience.

At Hotel Jobs Tulsa they produce for the hotel casino Staffing Tulsa have a big role specially for the large hotels and casinos. They keep that first impression that’s a guest for friends, that’s a bar. and for the casinos that are open 24 hours a day the day Porters are required to keep all the windows and counters wiped down as well as window ledges and also vacuum our lobbies with the quiet vacuum. This is super important for when their events or seminars and conventions are going on.

You can visit our website at to see what other positions are available as well as read about our services and apply for a job as well as looking for a staffing team. You can contact us at this phone number 918-250-9898 if you would like to speak to our friendly AN-MI Associates about any questions you may have about our services.

Hotel Jobs Tulsa| It’s not just a temp agency

AN-MI Staffing agency has been working with hotels and casinos for over 15 years and we have developed a strong relationship with most of the large casinos and large hotels in the Tulsa area. We are Oklahoma’s Number one and highest rated and most reviewed housekeeping staffing agency in the Tulsa and Northeastern Oklahoma area. We have a variety of jobs and positions from hotel / Casino staffing, Hospitality staffing, UPS housekeeping staffing, food and beverage ( as far as chefs and bartenders), banquet servers and last but not least Assisted Living / nursing facilities. Our clients, the Osage casino, the Renaissance hotel, the Hyatt hotel, the River Spirit casino, and the Hard Rock Casino all have played a big role in what we do as far as our housekeeping and Hospitality Staffing. And don’t forget our culinary expertise and drinks also play a big role in our company. Our banquet serves positive attitudes and approach to guests is what keeps people coming back. and our nursing facilities ensure that our elderly people are taken care of.

At Hotel Jobs Tulsa We provide a wide staff for a variety of positions. We work with hotels, casinos , Resorts , even spaces and other hospitality industries that need support staff to help succeed. The biggest challenge is finding Dependable Workforce and a reliable Workforce. We work with clients to identify staffing needs and employ a staff that’s reliable for your employee workforce.

Also at Hotel Jobs Tulsa all organizations offer a focused customer strategy with a dedicated team doing our best to minimize the challenges and headaches of the guest. One thing that sets this apart from other staffing agencies Is our commitment to our Godly values. We always put God first and believe in the person that encourages our employees and our customers. cleaning is not just our job it’s our life we encourage our employees to be involved with their families and to also get involved and church. We also donate friends monthly to churches and missions all around the world in locations including Cambodia, China, South America as well as the United States right here in Tulsa flash Northeastern oklahoma.

Hotel Jobs Tulsa is committed to Quality. We do our best to meet and exceed every expectation from our clients’ standards. We are focused on believing in the power of teamwork and by the power of teamwork. We ensure the safety of our employees and prioritize our teams into safety training / communication / follow-ups. the staffing agency is very responsive and open to Communications. We are quick to respond to challenges that are extremely difficult and our managers are trying to expect to create a relationship with all those clients.

You can check out our website at where you can read all about us. Our services apply for a job or even apply for a staffing team. Through our website you will be able to understand what we are about and why we do what we do and why we do what we do with a smile. You can also contact us at 918-250-9898 we’re one of our friendly Associates and will be more than happy to help you.

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