AN-MI Hotel Jobs Tulsa does all the work for you. stop going through that hassle of finding candidates that could I cannot potentially be the right match for your company and let us do the work for you. We do all the interviews, the background checks and the pre-screenings to ensure that your company gets the best workers there are. Do you like cleaning or even hospitality? How about bartending or serving? Have you ever thought about being a professional culinary chef or how abouT a nurse’s assistant just helping out with the senior crowd and their needs? We have so many different positions you can choose from whatever fits your career path.

We have over 20 years and 30 years of commercial experience to be a partner with someone else’s well-known companies for creating affordable as well as a flexible way to achieve your goals. We understand how frustrating it could be wheneveR Our clients are trying to find the right employee for the company. That’s why AN-MI we’ll do everything for you. We specialize in committing to make the workflow and environment better for the clients we serve as well as creating opportunities for her working people to grow their knowledge and experience in the hospitality industry. I drive to make sure that your company gets the best employees.

Our Hotel Jobs Tulsa Flamingo is to help our clients create a stronger powerful work ethic with positive attitudes. You treat our employees like our family. We believe in order to have a strong working team we have to make sure our staff feels valued, appreciated and respected. Our staff provides and practices kindness to create a friendly environment. We started to work together as a team so not only do we do the interviews but we also look at their resumes and evaluate their personalities to ensure the candidates are long-term fit for your company.

Hotel Jobs Tulsa Clients the Osage casino, the Renaissance Hotel, the Hyatt hotel, the River Spirit casino, the Hard Rock Hotel and many more to come. and when you try us out today your first 4 hours of our hotel and Staffing will be on us. we’re not just attempting to service, we provide high quality janitorial staff with goals of meeting your company’s needs. If you want the best of the best staffing agencies that you need to book the rest of, today we deeply understand the hotel and hospitality industry with our exceptional Services. We are committed to finding the perfect match for your company. We will go above and beyond sexy expectations.

you can check out our website at we’re there you can apply for a job or even hire a staff with our 32nd application we are hiring. you can also call 918-250-9898
If you have any questions, our friendly AN-MI staff will be more than happy to help you.

Hotel Jobs Tulsa| need a team we’ll build it for you

AN-MI Hotel Jobs Tulsa is a hospitality and housekeeping staffing agency that does our best to make sure that you get nothing but the best employees on your job site. from hotel casino staffing, to hospitality staffing, to EVS housekeeping Staffing, from food and beverage services, to the banquet service, to Assisted Living and nursing facilities we have it all whatever you’re passionate about we can make your dreams come true. We client with Osage casino, Renaissance hotels, The Hyatt Hotel, the River Spirit casino, and the Hard Rock Casino. If you are ready to take the next step and let us hire the right person for you then you came to the right place.

Though we are a leading Hospitality Staffing Agency for Tulsa in Northeast Oklahoma we provide hotels, casinos and other hospitality industries with temporary and long-term Staffing positions. We understand that providing your hospitality business with a great Workforce. We strive to hire the right people for you and the best part about it is we do everything for you from the interviews, to the pre- screening, to the background checks. We do it all.

Hotel Jobs Tulsa knows that quality employees are critical when it comes to a well-run business. Not only do we work with hotels and casinos but we also work with Resorts and other Hospitality venues. We find employees that are going to take the initiative to be a team player and have high attention to detail when it comes to our housekeeping teams. We also work with the event spaces and other hospitality industries as support staff with the materials to have a successful business.

Last but not least, Hotel Jobs Tulsa loves what we do and we do what we love. We ensure the safety of all of our employees as well as focusing on team quality, initiative, and putting God first. Our ultimate goal is to make better people and make a better place. We went to show people the best way to clean better, sweeter, better in the knee and everyone went, including your business. If that’s not enough to get you to use our staffing agency, we also want to let you know that we do all the hard work for you so you can focus on running a business. We also understand that food and beverage and the staffing agency is a perfect fit for our extensive network. These are just a few key details as to why you should hire us.

check out our website at from there you can read more about our services, what we do, why we do what we do, our motive and the hiring process. whether you’re looking for a job or even searching to build a staff we got you. You can also find us and apply on Indeed as well as call us at 918-250-9898 we’re one of our friendly and humble AN-MI Associates and will be more than happy to assist you with any questions you may have. Don’t be scared, apply today, we are here to help!

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