At Hotel Jobs Tulsa we went to ensure our clients that we will give them the utmost and best experience with our employees. our career driven trained and professional employees well give nothing but the best performance and the hospitality and housekeeping business. Our company also specializes in other job listings as far as Hotel and Casino staffing, food and beverages, banquet servers, Assisted Living / nurses and Facilities. Our biggest clients are Osage Casino, Renaissance hotel, Hiatt hotel, River Spirit hotel, and the Hard Rock Hotel. Whether you’re looking for a job or you’re looking to hire a team, our staffing agency is the place for you.

For the past 15 years AN-MI staffing agency has worked very hard to find, train, and send out the best EVS Staffing Tulsa has to offer. We take pride in making sure that our team understands the importance of keeping the facilities clean. We’ve also been cleaning commercial buildings for over 30 years. No other Staffing Company in Oklahoma has the experience to hire a housekeeper and or EVS Staffing more than we do. By having the proper EVS cleaning team your facility is bound to be successful compared to any other facility’s appearance. and of course the first impression is everything as well as the safety, health, and sanitary conditions of our facilities. Your business, your Casino, your hospital, your nursing home are dependent on the EVS cleaning team.

With Hotel Jobs Tulsa we train our EVS Staffing team to be the most professional Cleaning team you have ever come across. We make sure that buildings, facilities, and casinos are clean properly and efficiently. Our company uses the recommended chemicals that Spartan Chemical Company provides to us. We also recommend the clean on the go system. with this system proper dilution of chemicals to work will be at the maximum effectiveness. and we also recommend that you have the following chemicals in your closet.Our surface and glass cleaner will clean countertops mirror interest to the glass doors as well as it being one of the best chemicals to have in your chemical closet. We recommend a bathroom disinfectant cleaner and highly recommend an NABC restroom cleaner that is produced by Spartan chemical company as well.

At Hotel Jobs Tulsa our team is often overlooked by the public and many times the higher Executives of the facilities that I appreciate the importance of an EVS cleaning staff. Usually the EVS staff is in buildings where the public is being interacted with. We train our EVS Staffing teams to work with the public as well as we teach them how to listen first and then speak second. Whenever the public has a complaint they will talk to the EVS staff usually in the foreground. our EVS team is so important that we like to call it first impressions and when the team is in the casino you get very excited because people get frustrated when they lose and have questions or where to go to redeem tickets for money or where the restroom might be in our team needs to be ready to move forward to give them the correct answers.

you can visit our website at, there you will learn all about our EVS Staffing as well as our other positions that we have in our staffing agency. If you’re a business looking to build a team you can also visit our website and put in a form for a team. You can also contact us at 918-250-9898 where one of our family Associates will be more than happy to help you.

Hotel Jobs Tulsa| cleaning with pride

Are you looking for a career or even a team? At Hotel Jobs Tulsa ? We partner with AN-MI Staffing to help your team to be their best. We are Oklahoma’s highest rated and most reviewed housekeeping staffing agency in Tulsa. We have a variety of different jobs from hotel and casino Staffing, hospitality staffing, to EVS, to cook and bartenders, to servers as well as Assistant Living / nursing facilities. All these roles play a big part and are key to success in exceeding our clients’ expectations.

One of the most important parts of our job is our food and beverage Staffing agency. are talented professionals ensure that we can match you with the right staff for your specific needs. As we all know, food and beverages play a crucial part in ensuring that hotels, casinos , nursing homes and other establishments have the right team to deliver exceptional culinary experiences. Our staffing helped maintain efficient operations as well as reducing weight time since her that food is brought out of the timely manner and that our drinks aren’t going flat.

In our industry there are numerous roles such as chefs Cooks bartenders and servers as well as dishwashers and more. I will change that to provide attention, and address all of the guesses needed to create a warm and comforting atmosphere. Our staff members play a crucial role in maintaining quality control and ensuring all food safety and cleanliness. Our staff are the ones who directly interact with our customers. That is why Hotel Jobs Tulsa is the place for you.

Also with Hotel Jobs Tulsa we understand the importance of the food and beverage Department who are aligned with your company’s business and values. We collaborate with schools like Tulsa Tech and culinary students allow us to provide opportunities to the students again in real life experience. If you need chefs Cooks dishwasher service bartenders and more we have the perfect partner for you and your food staffing needs. Our staff ensure that they bring passion and ideas into the kitchen creating the most memorable and yummy dishes that keeps our customers at awe and wanting to come back for more.

these are just one of the benefits of working with us you can visit our website to view more about our services you can also contact
918-250-9898 where our friendly and happy as well as humble Associates will be more than happy to accommodate you!

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