At Hotel Jobs Tulsa we provide you with our most experienced professional and uplifting employees you will ever have in your life. Are you tired of going through applications and hiring people that you know are there for a short time. Let us take the stress off your shoulders and go through us. We will provide you with some of the best and efficient cleaners and Hospitality workers you have ever experienced. our services Provide hotel and casino Staffing, Hospitality staffing, EVS housekeeping staffing, food and beverage employees, banquet server is, Assisted Living\ nurses facility if you love to clean assistant hospitality surf food and beverages or even assist with the elderly apply through us and if you need a staff also apply through us.

Most people apply through us because we provide Hotel / casino and hospitality services but did you know that we also provide housekeeping services for hospitals as well as servers and Cooks? Listen to our workers in Tulsa as well as all over Northeastern Oklahoma to our clients who are Osage Casino, the Renaissance hotel, the Hyatt hotel, the River Spirit hotel, as well as a Hard Rock Casino. If you’re looking for a job, we are Oklahoma’s highest rated and most reviewed housekeeping and staffing agency in Tulsa and it only takes 30 seconds to apply and fill out an application.

Kevin Thomas is the owner of AN-MI Hotel Jobs Tulsa and has been cleaning businesses for over 33 years. He has passed out his training to thousands of cleaning staff on the only cleaning but how to interact with the public. The importance of cleaning is not only to the medical and hotel hospitality industry but any kind of industrial and office facilities are included. We also offer expertise and Specialty as far as care and carpet cleaning. We can come and see your facility and teach your team about carpet cleaning in the proper ways to take care of hard surfaces.

Hotel Jobs Tulsa is not a joke! We are the real deal and that is why you should go ahead and pick up the phone and contact us today. Our team looks for individuals that would hire you for your own facility and because first impressions are everything we pay attention to if they set up a new chair and have good posture to their appearance and what they wear. Another thing we focus on is a great attitude. It is very important that we hire someone with a great attitude and someone we know who your company will want to hire as well someone who will fit into the company’s personality as well as culture.

you can check out our website at There you can apply if you’re looking for a job or you can hire a staff if you’re in need of a team. On this website you can also see a little bit of what we do, our background, where we come, where we started , what we offer, what we can’t provide and why we are the best staffing agency in Northeastern Oklahoma as well as Tulsa. You can also contact our phone number at 918-250-9898 where one of our AN-MI Associates will be more than happy to help you and assist you in any questions you may have.

Hotel Jobs Tulsa| do you need work? we got it!

Here at Hotel Jobs Tulsa we provide you nothing but the best and most humble professional inefficient workers you will ever have. We have many different jobs for many different people and please dive to make a connection with our clients as well as our employees. We want our employees to feel valued and honored as well as respected and noticed for their hard work. This is not just another temp agency. we send you highly professionally trained workers to help you maintain your business and everything it brings. Whether you’re looking for a job or you need workers, we are the place for you!

So ask yourself why AN-MI Staffing? we can give you 101 reasons for using our staffing services but some of the few amazing reasons to utilize AN-MI We know there is an enormous amount of frustration in the Staffing IT industry and for some odd reason it feels like you keep getting the same people why? because those people really don’t want to work. with our staffing agency we don’t believe in people that don’t want to work. and to be frank the truth is we really want people who want to work and be a part of the team and not feel like just another staffing agency. Recent companies who want to pursue the Hotel / Casino / hospitality or even EVS Department. These people aren’t looking to be just the next temp, they are looking to be your next permanent employee.

With Hotel Jobs Tulsa we will provide to you people who are looking for a career. We will send out people who want to be a part of a team and want to make work enjoyable. That’s right, career-minded people that know what they want and not just looking for the next job to meet some kind of unfulfilled desire in the world. We are a career-minded staffing agency who want to help others be more successful.

At Hotel Jobs Tulsa least we specialize all these positions for your company from housekeepers, it’s a housemen, to laundry attendance, today Porter’s / lobbies, front desk attendance, hospitality, EVS casinos, EVS nursing homes, EVS hospital/medicals, and last but not least special tea cleaning staff. stop struggling to hire the best employees for your facility and let us do it for you!

you can check out our website at from there you can find all of our services , who we are, what we do and, what our mission is. You can also contact us at this number 918-250-9898 where one of our super humble and friendly AN-MI Associates can answer any questions or concerns you may have. What are you waiting for, apply today!

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